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DGIN6DVLRZPrior to this fix, null datetime fields could not be mapped in Notes to the default in DB2/400 with RealTime activities. This problem occurred on...
JIZO6E9L9HIn a Virtual Fields activity that maps a SQL database to a Notes database, selecting the "Use Multivalue data fields" can cause a "field count...
SSHE6ENM7CChanged which fieldlist is being checked during field validation, so that no false overflow message is returned if the field order is different in...
DGIN6B7NVYTimestamp replication fails if Order is used on Notes as a source. When the order metaconnector is used on a Notes connection in a timestamp...
JJOH6DDNEUFixed a crash which occurred when there were more than 10 stored procedure parameters.
JDEP6HCNNWScheduled activity will no longer only run for every other time, if a time is entered in "Run At Times". This regression was introduced in...
KWEL6FCN4DRich text to CLOB caused an unnecessary update. Fixed so that complex datatypes are seen as empty.
KWEL6FLN6TEmpty text strings in Notes were saved in Oracle as HEX(00), fixed to be NULL.
KKOO6AAAN9When creating views, collation settings were using old variables breaking case and accent sensitivity. In this release, new variables have been...
DGIN6E4RAJVirtual documents did not appear in a view if one or more keys in the external key table were blank. Virtualization was failing as the blanks were...
THAN6CNMZLWhen using virtual activities, all of the servers in a cluster except the first, do not put the activity in the configuration...
THAN6E9RU9On UNIX, the LEI readmefirst.txt file, which directs the user to the current readme file, is not functional.
SSHE6EMFP5When using the order metaconnector in a Replication activity from Notes to DB2/400, certain German characters display incorrectly in the DB2/400...
TDEY6F5P5KError "Note item not found" was displayed after opening the menu item Actions/Reports/Unused Connections.
THAN6EAQKPRunning a Replication activity with the timestamp option on a UNIX platform did not update the activity SrcTimeStamp and DestTimeStamp properties. ...
KKOO6AB7HNWhen Replication activity was executed , "Error: Update at Connector B affected ..." occurred. Limited a new error check to a special case as it...
PALT6FKQQDCalls from an ODBC Connector to a stored procedure are limited to 10 input characters otherwise a crash will occur.
SMOS6GDH38The Direct Transfer activity does not support output parameters if DATE or TIME only value options are enabled.
RWAH6FZQAJA new Notes.ini variable, "EINativeTextODBC" has been added to specify which character set you would like to use on the ODBC server rather than using...
TITH6CKADEFixed a crash in DECS/LEI that occurred when a conversion error was issued when using DBCS data in a DB/2 table. The return code that was sent back...
DGIN6B7NVYTimestamp replication fails if Order is used on Notes as a source. When the order metaconnector is used on a Notes connection in a timestamp...
GMUD5NZP3RThis problem could cause LEI Virtual Document activities to crash during Domino view or search based activities. The LEI code took over the Domino...
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